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This amazing singer

Vincenzo Tahapary

won the finals in "Better Than Ever"

with the cover of

'A Song For You'


Composer Lyricist: Leon Russel

2023 FreementleMedia Netherlands BV,

Universal International Music BV

Auto-generated by YouTube

Amazing Jacket



A new song will be released

on June 2nd 2023

Artist: Lindsey Ramerion

Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde


Sublime Award winnerJared Grand at Sublime Concert 

Follow him on Instagram @JaredGrantOfficial

Bookings/Collaborations contact:

New song acoustic version on vinyl 

”I Adore You”

by TJ Jackson

Available on ITunes, Apple Music and Spotify 

Theatre Art by Andrew Aué


This new single of BHoward “LOUD” is now available on iTunes,Apple Music and you can listen to the song on Spotify


Subject of this painting:

An Alifuru man from the Moluccan

with a Kulit Biah.

Painting: by Tina Sopacua 


A Kulit Biah is a special big shell which is used in the negorya to inform or to gather the inhabitants, most of the time it’s used in special occasions, in special cultural costumes.


Een Kulit Biah is een speciale grote schelp waarop geblazen wordt om de negorij te informeren of te verzamelen.
Dit wordt meestal alleen bij speciale gelegenheden gedaan in de oude kledingdracht


Artist: David Davis

Available on ITunes and Spotify 

Theatre Art

sculpture (bronze with silver mask)

by Andrew Aué



Check out his new song “LOUD” 

Available at ITunes, Apple Music and Spotify 

Self Portrait

Draw by Michaël Jackson


Model: Kylie Jenner

Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde


Brand: Boss

Location: New York, USA


Theatre Art by Andrew Aué


Meet Jared Grant with his new single :

”Fuel To The Soul”. He recently won the Sublime Award for Best Talent. You can find him on iTunes and Spotify. You can follow him on Instagram @JaredGrantOfficial


Lindsey Ramerion ft Yzzy

with “on808”

On Spotify 

Theatre Art

sculpture (bronze with silver mask)

by Andrew Aué


Lindsey Ramerion ft Yzzy ~ “ON 808”

New artist, sing and song writer 

Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde

Theatre Art by Andrew Aué

Model: Tatiana Platon

Photography: Jalisa Oudenaarde (

Stylist: Suzanne Theunissen

Location: Museum Louvre, Paris, France


Tito Jackson is a sing and songwriter, a musician and was part of the legendary pop group The Jackson 5 and The Jacksons.
He’s still performing live on stage and touring with his brothers Jackie and Marlon and he has his own band.
He is the oldest brother of Michael Jackson and also the father of the pop group by his sons Taj, TJ and Tayrel (3T.).


Photographer: Dionne Silva-Mainasse

“Brooklyn Bridge” 

Location: New York, USA


Davy Reedijk

musical artist, ensemble and cover

Danny Zuko in GREASE

now in theatres

Instagram @davyreedijk



Recycled Theatre Art

by Andrew Aué